Care Of Sick Or Injured Child

If your child becomes ill during the day, temporary care will be provided until you can be contacted and you can arrange to pick your child up. If your child is injured at the Daycare all minor medical accidents (i.e scraps, cuts and bumps) will be handled by the staff. They will provide the appropriate first aid and an accident form will be filled out.Parents will be provided with the form and asked to sign it when they pick their child up. Parents will not be called unless the staff feels the injury requires medical attention.


As your child/ren arrives at Daycare each day they will be observed upon entering the classroom. This will be done before parents leave the center. Staff will observe the following: 
Activity level, Skin colour, Coughing, Rashes, Cold symptoms and General mood. 

The staff will ask you how your child is doing and if you have any concerns we need to be aware of.  It is important that your child be kept at home when he/she has any infectious disease, illness with fever, vomiting or diarrhea.  Please report the nature of any illness to the Daycare.

Health and Medical Information
The DNA requires that children enrolling in licensed childcare programs must meet a number of requirements prior to admission:

1. Immunization Data Form for the Child Care Settings must be completed.
2. A copy of your child's immunization records.

If you have chosen not to have your child immunized you must meet the following requirements:

1. Immunization Data Form for Child Care Settings must be completed.
2. Provide a Statement of Medical Exemption (Available from WDG Public 
    Health).  It must be completed and signed by a qualified physician.  
3. Provide a Religious or Conscientious Exemption Affidavit that is sworn or
    affirmed before a Commissioner of Oaths for taking affidavits and have a 
    signed Immunization Waiver.  

Special Health Care Needs
If your child has allergies of any kind, please advise the program staff. All allergies must be documented on the registration form and medical forms. We also have an anaphylaxis policy in place, which restricts some products and foods from our center.  All allergies are posted in all rooms and kitchen.

Parents having a child with a medical condition that requires special care of any kind (including any serious allergies) must fill out an Individual Medical Emergency Plan prior to their child starting or at the commencement of medical condition.

Parkview Daycare will endeavor to meet Special Health Care needs of all children, with the assistance of community agency that are involved in the Daycare.